C7 is an online knowledge-sharing and a people-connecting platform supports you and others in finding your peers and getting connected. We strive for a better connected planet. C7 believes that even though as a species we’re globally connected now, a lot of people have not found their tribe yet. We exist to change that. We’re in early stages now, sending out the signal, and building a list of potential members. Sign up your e-mail address and interests.

More about C7

We’re an online knowledge-sharing and people-connecting platform that aims to bring like-minded people together, online and offline. Our mission is to find a match for everyone. We all have our hobbies, passions, interests but we often do not get the chance to share these with others. This is where we jump in.

Online communities

We all use the internet but only a few of us uses the internet for interest based connections. Most are on social media, in which they connect with highschool friends, family and people in our neighorhoods. Only a few are actually connected to other like-minded, you’ll see this connections on Twitter or on business platforms like LinkedIn.

Offline events

Once our user base is large enough, we want to pivot to offline events. If, as a platform, we see a lot of interests in a specific subject inside a specific area, we can launch an “interest check”. If we get enough positive reactions, we’ll start organising a meetup. Once we have an idea of who will come, what we’ll do and what we’ll charge we’ll organise a second interest check to confirm if we can actually do the event. After that, we’ll get into the actual registrations.

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