Potential Features

  • Share initiatives, receive votes and feedback
  • Share content lists (recipes, books, etc.)
  • Join the C7 Slack Workspace
  • One channel for each interest
  • Platform for co-work spaces
  • Platform for shared activities
  • Public member pages (set your own visibility as a member)
  • Slack/Discord bots that engage with communities
  • Event organization tools
  • Specialist/experts/professional pages
  • ‘Business dating’
  • Venue finder for offline events
  • Meeting planner (find best place/time for everyone)
  • Sponsor/speaker finder
  • Find-a-founder
  • Should probably have groups AND subjects
    Groups can have several subjects


  • Goodreads
  • Nomadlist
  • Interintellect
  • https://wpfriends.com/members/wpfriends/

Talk to

  • KREW
  • THT
  • Codeable Community Admin

Extra features

  • Timeline of content per subject/group
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